About Me


Since 2001 after more than 5 years of a career as an Art Director in advertising agencies in Jakarta- had been involved in several conservation awareness campaigns and alternative education. Number of new things learned and studied further has strengthen his conviction to develop a communication media for assisting community. He found that media is not only to persuade and sell but also as a medium of learning and empowerment.

In 2002 he decided to go further by becoming a Communications and Community Development consultant as he worked at World Bank grant project in Kerinci Seblat National Park, Kerinci, Jambi. Develop environmental education for communities around the forest park, a partnership with schools and designing a basic level, managing the Information Center Kerinci Seblat National Park. Forest fire prevention campaign in Berbak National Park-Jambi in cooperation with JICA Foundation, forest fire prevention campaign in South and Central Kalimantan, South Sumatra cooperation with the EU and GTZ. Management of marine resources in Kalimantan, Sumatra and Nusa Tenggara and spatial post-tsunami rehabilitation in Banda Aceh, in cooperation with ADB.